This is a collection of good writing on technology strategy that has resonated with me over the years. "Business strategy" is an incredibly broad space with a lot of seminal works (Clayton Christensen's work for example) and no one page can hope to collect them all. This is meant as a cross-section of writing that has resonated with me and is biased towards the spaces I've worked on - consumer technology. Some of these are classic business frameworks/thinking applied in a modern context. Some of these are about capturing tech history in a way that illuminates strategic insights. And some of these are here just because I found them fun.

I strongly suggest checking out the memos collection as that has a lot of great "strategy" writing as well. As always, if you have thoughts/additions drop me a note at

P.S This is work in progress. If you don't see your favorite writer/post, don't get mad - send me a note!

Consumer Tech

Classic/Other Business Strategy.