Exec 101

Exec 101

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“You’re the CEO of an 80-person fast growing unicorn now looking at doubling headcount. But you are starting to feel weirdly out of touch with the pulse of the organization”

“You’re the new engineering lead and you know you have to have the team move to a new redesign or drown in tech debt. But the old timers on the team won’t let you.”

“You’re the newly installed CEO taking over after a bruising, public board search. Now you're trying to figure out what to tell the exhausted, demotivated team. ”

Sound familiar? I've tried to write down some lessons I've learned on my own or from others on how to lead teams in tough situations. If you're in the business of influencing people - either be it as an eng lead or a CEO of a 5000 person organization, there's probably something in here for you.

Lessons on being a new executive

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