Sriram Krishnan

👋 I'm a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, investing in crypto/web3. I host "The Good Time Show" with my wife Aarthi Ramamurthy covering a broad range of guests and topics. You can find me online on Twitter, Instagram.

I'm broadly interested in the intersection of fans, community, media, consumer and web3. If you're working on something interesting or want to join us/one of the companies we work with, drop me a note. I'd love to see your resume and anything cool you've built.

📝 Newsletter : Montage Sequence Newsletter This is an experiment: things that caught my eye at some irregular cadence.

📝 Writings : [all posts] Some samples: posts on everything from 'unfundable' startups to your first few weeks as an executive to writing cold emails.

🎙 The Good Time Show: I host "The Good Time Show" with my wife Aarthi Ramamurthy. [New York Times][Fast Company].

🎙 The Observer Effect: Interviews with leaders and goes deep on how and why they work.

📓 Memos Collection: Collection of classic memos from tech to business to politics

🗞 Press/Bio: About/ speaker bio/press snippets

Working on something interesting? Drop me an email at

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